IHS Frizelle Orchestral Audition Contests

The Dorothy Frizelle Memorial Fund (biography appears on page 124 of the April 1989 issue of The Horn Call) was established in her memory to support the study of orchestral horn playing at IHS workshops.


Age Requirements: Full-time students under 25 years of age on June 30, 2019 are eligible.


Preliminary Masterclass (compulsory for all competitors):

Monday 1 July at 17:00-19:00 in Goethals Auditorium

Low Horn: Wednesday 3 July at 9:30-11:00 in Room 2.9

High Horn: Wednesday 3 July at 13:45-15:15 in Room 2.9


Low horn judging panel: Hans Van der Zanden, Michelle Stebleton, Radegundis Tavares

High horn judging panel: Hans Van der Zanden, Goeff Winter, Louis-Philippe Marsolais


Application Requirements: Applicants can sign up online on the IHS web page through June 25, 2019.

If space is still available applicants can sign up at the pre-competition masterclass.

Applicants will be required to show proof that they are full-time students, registered for the symposium.

Applications will be accepted in the order they are received.

A required pre-competition master class that will cover both the excerpts required and the expectations of the judging committees in performance and audition decorum will be held on Monday 1 July, 17:00-19:00 in Campus Wijnaert – Auditorium L. Goethals.

After the masterclass, rosters for the high and low horn auditions will be established.

Anyone not attending the full masterclass will not be allowed to compete.



The highest ranked winner of the IHS Frizelle Competitions will get a full refund of their IHS51 registration fee!

In case of ex aequo this prize will be split between both equally quoted contestants.


Winners will also receive an orchestral coaching session from an orchestral artist at the International Horn Society Symposium and a one-year IHS membership.


Repertoire Requirements:


High Horn: (1st horn parts unless otherwise specified)

competition due Wednesday 3 July at 13:45, Campus Wijnaert – Auditorium L. Goethals


  1. Beethoven Symphony No. 7, 1st movement, mm. 89-101
  2. Brahms Symphony No. 2, 2nd movement, mm. 17-31
  3. Ravel Pavane pour une enfante défunte, opening solo
  4. Strauss, R. Ein Heldenleben, mm. 1-17
  5. Strauss, R. Till Eulenspiegel, 1st horn, mm. 6-20;
    AND 3rd horn, 19 m. after #28 – 1 m. before #30
  6. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5, 2nd movement solo


Low Horn:

competition due Wednesday 3 July at 9:30, Campus Wijnaert – Auditorium Goethals

  1. Beethoven Symphony No. 3, 2nd horn, 3rd movement Trio
  2. Beethoven Symphony No. 9, 4th horn, 3rd movement, mm. 82-99
  3. Shostakovich Symphony No. 5, 1st horn, 1st movement, #[17] – [21]
  4. Strauss, R. Don Quixote, 2nd horn, Variations 7 & 8 (complete)
  5. Strauss, R. Ein Heldenleben, 2nd horn, 4 m. after [3] to 1 m. after [5]
  6. Wagner, R. Prelude to Das Rheingold, 8th horn, mm. 17 – downbeat of 59

Judging: All participants will receive written evaluations of their performances by the judges.