IHS51 Horn Ensemble Competition

A competition for Horn Ensembles will be held at IHS51 on Tuesday 2 July, Exhibit Room 1 (St-Baafshuis) .


Judges: Steven Cohen, Frank Clarysse, Nancy Joy


Divisions Amateur/Professional:


As Amateur Ensembles are considered: ensembles existing exclusively of players who have never followed university level music courses (bachelor/graduate level)


Professional: all other ensembles




All ensembles perform a program of their choice of maximum 20 minutes including all stage changes (can be less) consisting of:


*At least one original piece for horn ensemble (not an arrangement) written after 1990

*At least one work written before 1900 (this can be an arrangement)

Other works can be added, as long as they do not exceed the 20 minutes/group rule.


Program choices following the symposium theme “Moving horns” are greatly appreciated.



Winning Ensembles in both Amateur as Professional categories will get a possibility to perform in a public concert on friday or saturday.

Winning ensembles receive an official certificate.

All members of Winning ensembles receive a 25€ voucher for the IHS51 event bar to celebrate their victory!


Registration through this link – closes on June 1st 2019.


Competition Rules& Regulations

*ensembles should apply by submitting the IHS51 competition form

*the minimum amount of horn players to be considered as an “ensemble” is four players. There is no maximum number of players. Ensembles of more than eight performers can be led by a conductor.

*The host has the right to cancel the competition at any time if the minimum number of 3 participating ensembles in every category is not reached.

*Melodic accompaniment by other instruments is not accepted. A selection of percussion instruments can be provided free of charge by the host

*Participants may play on valve horn, alphorn and natural horn an or any combination of these.

*All members of participating ensembles must be registered to the entire symposium before June 15th

* In case the symposium sells out before this date, and not all ensemble members have been registered, the ensemble cannot be accepted to the competition.

*Doubling of parts is allowed only if all parts are doubled

*Performers can only participate to the competition in one single ensemble.

*Each ensemble will receive written adjudicators’ comments on their performance.

*a pdf version of parts has to be provided to music@ihs51.gent before 20 june.


All used printed or handwritten music should comply to European Union copyright laws.