IHS51 Natural Horn Competition

The purpose of this competition is to enhance the practice and overall performance standard of historical horn playing worldwide.


Judges 1st round: Jean-Pierre Dassonville, Marjolaine Goulet, Ulrich Hübner, Jeroen Billiet

Judges 2nd round: Teunis Van der Zwart, Todd Williams, Sissel Morken Gullord, Claude Maury, Jeffrey Snedeker


Age requirements: candidates must be under 29 years old on 30 June 2019




Winner will receive:

  • full refund of the paid IHS51 registration fee
  • a certificate by the host
  • a masterclass by a world-class natural horn professor (friday evening/saturday)
  • will play the piece of choice performed in the finals during a recital on saturday 6 July at 17:30, Miry hall


Second and third prize will receive:

  • a certificate by the host
  • a masterclass by a natural horn professor (friday/saturday 6 July)



Scores for the Natural Horn Competition are now available for free download Click the name of the piece in the repertoire list below.

The choice of edition for Mozart KV417 and the chosen Gallay caprice is free. The caprices can be downloaded as well.

Only send in scores for your second round work of choice


First round (Tuesday, 9:30, library –pianoforte tuned A=430 Hz):

Rehearsals with IHS51 pianist on Monday 1 July timing TBA


W.A. Mozart, Concerto in Es nr.2 KV 417, first movement

J.F. Gallay, from 12 Grandes Caprices opus 32, one of numbers 2-3-5-9-10 , Golden River Music (free choice of crook)


Second Round (Public- Friday, 14:00 finalist recital -library –pianoforte tuned A=430Hz)


Rehearsals with IHS51 pianist on Wednesday 3 July/Thursday 4 July, place TBA


-John Croft, “Nocturne” (2018) –world premiere

Martin Joseph Mengal, Romance from 1st horn concerto (ed. Golden River Music)

(download the Mengal Romance piano part here)

-an original piece for horn and pianoforte of your own choice:


  • maximum duration of 8 minutes (piano accompaniments may be shortened to comply
  • only original works for horn and piano(forte). Arrangements are not accepted. The piece can however be contemporary.
  • the work must be performed in the original key
  • a piano rehearsal time of maximum 30 minutes will be assigned to the finalists

send your score to music@ihs51.gent before 10 June


Registration:  up to 1 June, 2019 through the competition registration form




All competitors must be registered for IHS 51 by June 1, 2019.

All competitors are responsible for his/her own travel, room and board, IHS51 registration, etc.

The IHS51 Natural Horn Competition Committee has the right to cancel a winner at no cost to the IHS51 Symposium if the winner fails to abide by all Natural horn Competition Rules and Regulations.

The host has the right to cancel the competition at any time if the minimum number of 3 participants is not reached.

A ceremony will be held on Saturday 6 July where all winners will be honored.

Each competitor will receive written adjudicators’ comments on their performance.


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