Food & Drink

Horn Players that love good food (aren’t we all…) will not be dissapointed!

Ghent is one of the major culinary hotspots in Europe. The symposium venue is surrounded by hundreds of bars and restaurants that offer an amazing variety of food and drinks. Ask your hotel staff for recommendations.

The famous Belgian beer tradition will be present at the heart of the symposium through our central IHS51 Event Café. At all time during the symposium you can enjoy a large selection of non-alcoholic beverages, craft beer as well as snacks, cakes and of course: chocolate!


Meal Plan (lunchtime) in our Wijnaert Event Restaurant: 60€/week (includes hot meal & soup + salad bar, vegetarian option available). Available only through pre-registration on our website (from 1 december)


Some information on eating out in Belgium:

-All restaurants in the city centre offer menus in English and have staff speaking several languages

-Tax and service are included in the price. You are not supposed to tip!

However, you can give a small tip if you think the service or food were really exceptional.

-Tap water is not provided for free in most restaurants, but drinks are reasonably priced.

-Do you like craft beer? Ask the waiter for a match with your meal!

-Meal prices vary between 15 and 25€ including drinks.

-Ghent is veggie capital of the world with some amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants at walking distance from the symposium venue.

The vast majority of restaurants offer Vegetarian options.

-Beware: some restaurants do not accept credit cards